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Teds Sheds can move your shed! 

Do you have an existing shed that you need moved across your yard?

We can help with our "EZ shed mover". 

We can lift the shed up with a specialized shed jack and move it to a new location in a few hours.

Re leveling shed included in service.

Sheds under 10x12 in size, $400 flat rate.

Shed under 10' in height only.

Must have 3' of clearance around structure.

We also have the ability to move sheds under 10x12 in size from house to house with our trailer. We must have clearance to move the shed to the front of the house to load and the new location must have similar access. Minimum $800. 

To inquire about service please email in pictures of the shed to be moved, the path traveled and the final location to sales@tedssheds.co  .  We will review and confirm if we can provide assistance.  Thank you! 


Note: Must be level site with no retaining walls or overhanging trees. New site must be with 6" of level. 

Minor scrapes and exterior damage may occur during move. 

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